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The SF Chem Protective Boots was developed to provide general chemical resistance for a variety of applications including disaster preparedness and incident response.

The SF Overboot is made in the USA and has been tested to the chemical resistance requirements of the Military SPEC MIL-O-43995C and the CID A-A059520. It is constructed as a seamless, one piece injection molded overboot with the buttons molded as part of the boot to eliminate possible leaks. This boot features a slip coated interior for improved donning and doffing. The SF overboot will not swell or become mushy from exposure to petroleum distillates due to the specially formulated chemical resistant compound. It is designed to fit over all types of shoes and boots. The overboot features a slip-resistant, self cleaning outsole for ease of use and improved traction on wet or slippery surfaces. It is available in men’s Small (sizes 6-8), Medium (sizes 9-10), Large (sizes 11-13) and X-Large (sizes 14-15).


  • American Society of Testing and Materials – ASTM F2413-11
  • ANSI Z41-1991, OSHA 1910.136

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