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The RaeLink3 Portable Wireless Modem allows integration of many Rae Systems gas and radiation monitors and select third party devices into an AreaRae wireless detection system. Monitors linked with a RaeLink3 modem can communicate sensor data and GPS coordinates to a command center’s PC running Safety Suite software up to 2 miles away. Bluetooth connectivity simplifies use with handheld monitor, while a user friendly display and interface simplify configuration and status checking of the RaeLink3.


  • GPS equipped for tracking and viewing sensors and first responders on a local mapping area
  • Bluetooth equipped for wireless connection option to monitors
  • Long range to transmit system information up to 2 miles in urban setting
  • Easily configure in the field to interface with other AreaRae systems
  • Programmable from host modem, to repeater, to remote modem as needed
  • Configurable for a variety of monitors and detection technologies
  • Backlit display with intuitive interface
  • Radio strength indicator on LCD
  • View and track sensors and responders downrange
  • Deploy quickly and easily
  • Merge multiple detection technologies on one viewing platform
  • Integrate two devices with one RaeLink3 using Bluetooth and a serial cable


  • Incident Response
  • Venue Protection
  • Industrial Safety
  • Perimeter Monitoring
  • Confined Space Entry
  • Pulp and Paper Industry
  • Plant and Mill Turnarounds
  • Marine and Offshore Wells

RaeLink3 Communication Kits

RaeLink3 Mesh Communication Kits enables communication between a variety of Rae Systems most popular monitors and Safety Suite software. Custom RaeLink3 communication kits are also available for select third party devices.

The RaeLink3 can be used with

  • MiniRae 3000
  • ppbRae 3000
  • UltraRae 3000 PIDs
  • MultiRae Family
  • MiniRae 2000
  • ppbRae Plus


Battery Rechargeable, 7.4 V/1650mAh, lithium ion external battery pack with charging station (6 hours charging time) and alkaline battery adapter (5 x AA)
Operating Hours Up to 18 hours of continuous operation
Frequency 902-928 MHz
Range Up to 2 miles for long range radio
Peak RF Power 1 watt (+30 dBm)
Keypad Three operation and programming keys
Display LCD, 128 x 64
Interface RS-232 or Bluetooth
Operating Temperature 4 – 131°F
Humidity 0 to 95% rH, non-condensing
IP Rating IP-65
GPS Accuracy Within 15 feet
Safety Rating Class I, Division 2 Groups A, B, C, D, T4
Size 4.73″ L x 3.4″ W x 1.85″ H without antenna
Weight 17.3 ounces

Ordering Information

For pricing, please call AFC International at 1-800-952-3293, 219-987-6825 or fax 219-987-6826 or email

Catalog No.
RaeLink 3 Modem Kit includes charging adapter, alkaline battery pack, RS-232 serial cable, RS-232 serial computer interface cable, RS-232 serial to USB adapter, whip antenna, magnet mount antenna with 12′ cable, resource CD & hard transport case
RaeLink 3 Mini Charger, does not include AC/DC power adapter 029-3503-001
RaeLink 3 Power Adapter 500-0114-000
RaeLink 3 Alkaline Battery Pack 029-3502-000


RaeLink3 Portable Wireless Modem Datasheet

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