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We specialize in portable and fixed point toxic and combustible gas detection instruments, gas analyzers, calibration gas and accessories, and respiratory protection equipment including PAPRs, masks and cartridges.


Complete range of portable and fixed gas detection instruments and equipment to protect people and environments against toxic and combustible gas hazards.

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respiratory protection equipment, respiratory protection instruments


Complete range of air-purifying respirators, escape masks, self contained breathing apparatus, supplied air breathing systems and other respiratory protection equipment.

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gas detection instruments repair


For questions or estimates, call 800-952-3293 or 219-987-6825. After we receive the instrument, we will contact you with an estimate for approval prior to repair.

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Elipse Air Purifying Respirator

Product of the Month
Pandemic Flu Respirator

The Elipse Half Face Respirator is compact, lightweight and designed for a tight fit which is required for protection against flu viruses. It has a P100 cartridge with 99.97% minimum efficiency. It has a storage life of 5 years. read more >
Also available with goggles attached for eye protection. read more >



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