Indoor Air Quality

AFC International Inc. has a complete line of indoor air quality meters for Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) applications. Indoor Air Quality instrumentation and equipment comprises many of the same types of sensors and sensor technologies that are used in industrial safety or Hazmat applications but tweaked for indoor air contaminate levels. They also are not designed for harsh industrial environments, but rather designed to be used in homes or office builds. Traditional IAQ instruments or monitors will have a Carbon Dioxide (CO2) sensor with a relative humidity and temperature sensor. Some will also include a Carbon Monoxide (CO) sensor or VOC detector, usually a PID. These instruments are designed to run continuously for several weeks and collect sensor data via an internal logger. This information will be used to determine the quality of the air in the work or home environment. The CO2 measurement will indicate if the ventilation of the venue is properly set to move the stale air appropriately for the number of occupants in the room or area. Although, CO2 is a toxic gas, the IAQ instrument is usually used as an indicator of poor ventilation and the chance of other toxins building up such as mold and formaldehydes off gassing from building materials, furniture and carpets. AFC International Inc. prides itself in offering great products, outstanding customer service and product knowledge and we hope you will make us your instrument company of choice for your Indoor air quality meters and equipment needs.