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G110 CO2 Analyzer with 0-100% CO2 Carbon Dioxide Range

The G110 infrared portable CO2 gas analyzer has been designed to monitor carbon dioxide for multiple applications including the brewing industry.

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The G110 CO2 Analyzer has been designed to monitor carbon dioxide for multiple applications including the brewing industry. This unit has been developed to incorporate the latest technology and specification requirements, that provide the user with a fast, simple to use analyzer. In addition to CO2 infrared based detection and measurement, each model offers optional sensors including oxygen, temperature and relative humidity. Infrared sensor technology is ideal for carbon dioxide detection as it offers accurate, reliable measurement with low maintenance costs.


  • Available in 4 versions, CO2 only, CO2 with oxygen, CO2 rH probe and CO2, O2 with rH probe
  • Optional add on are a temperature probe and data download kit
  • Improved menu driven software with intuitive operation and interactive screen prompts
  • Large data storage – 1,000 data set capacity with optional USB download software kit
  • High capacity lithium-ion battery for up to 10 hours of runtime
  • Ergonomically designed case with integral stand and rubber sides for robustness
  • Stable infrared (IR) CO2 sensor provides better accuracy
  • Internal pump draws 100 cc/minute for fast response
  • Large backlit LCD display with graphic icons is easy to read in any lighting condition
  • User adjustable settings for alarm and calibration setpoints via keypad (no PC required)
  • User ID code setting for security and record keeping
  • Large data storage or 1,000 readings and 270 events viewable on screen
  • User friendly software and USB data download for data graphing and trend analysis (optional kit)
  • Integrated Nafion tube for humidity reduction of sample gas ensures stable readings
  • All models have 2 temperature probe ports for T1-T2 calculation


Range CO2: 0-100%
O2, optional: 0-100%
Resolution 0.01% increments
Response Time CO2: T90<20 seconds
O2: T90<60 seconds
Accuracy CO2: ±1% of range
O2: ±1.0% of range
Temperature, Optional Up to 2 readings using optional probes
32°F to 122%
Humidity, Optional rH probe 0-100% rH, non-condensing
Pump Flow 100 cc/min typically
Data Storage 1,000 reading + 270 events
Data Download USB type B mini connector, HD device class
Power Source Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery
Charger Universal AC charger, 120-240 VAC
Battery Life 10 hours, 8 hours with pump
Charge Time 3 hours
Alternative Power USB connector to PC
Operating Temperature 41°F to 104°F
Relative Humidity 0 to 95%
Dimensions 6.5″L x 4″W x 2.2″H
Weight 18 ounces
Construction High impact ABS Case

Ordering Information

For pricing, please call AFC International at 1-800-952-3293, 219-987-6825 or fax 219-987-6826 or email

Catalog No.
G110 Infrared CO2 Monitor includes Pump
G110 Infrared CO2 Monitor with Oxygen Sensor and Pump
G110 Infrared CO2 Monitor with Oxygen Sensor , rH Sensor and Pump
G110 Infrared CO2 Monitor with rH Sensor & Pump
Temperature Probe, 5mm tip G-TP5
Temperature Probe, 100mm SS tip G-TP100
Download Software for Managing Data G-SW
Relative Humidity Probe, 15mm diameter G-RH15
Relative Humidity Probe, 4mm diameter G-RH4
Soda Lime Kit for Zeroing, tubing plus 3 filters G-SLKIT
Hard Sided Case G-HCASE
Filter, pk/10 G-PTFE
Sample Tube Kit with Filter G-TKIT
USB Communication Cable G-USB
Calibration Kit includes regulator, tubing & filter, no gas G-CALKIT
Moisture Trap, pk/2 G-MT


G110 CO2 Analyzer Literature

Viasensor was acquired by QED Environmental Systems.

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