About Us

AFC International was founded by Pam Seneczko, president in 1992. AFC started out providing products and supplies for the analytical chemistry industry, specifically the gas chromatography (GC) industry. AFC stands for accessories for chromatography. AFC International Inc. specialized in the manufacturing of GC ferrules and gas purifing traps used in analytical laboratories throughout the world. Gas Chromatography is the science of separation and is used to identify and quantify complex gas and vapor mixtures. GC analysis is used in the environmental and industrial hygiene to specifically identify compounds of interest. AFC International Inc. quickly began to grow and expand into related industries such as industrial hygiene and safety health applications.

In 1996 Jim Seneczko left Draeger Safety Inc., a world leader in direct reading gas and vapor instrumentation to join Pam at AFC International Inc. Jim’s background in industrial safety and health and his position as a Regional Sales Manager at Draeger helped to add more safety and health instrumentation lines to AFC’s product offering and soon gave AFC a clear advantage in the instrumentation market. The combined analytical chemistry and Safety/Industrial instrumentation knowledge set up AFC International Inc. to be an effective consultive gas and vapor instrument sales distributor for our customer base.

After September, 11th, 2001 the need for advanced gas and vapor detection, identification instrumentation was thrust upon the world. AFC International’s unique combination of analytical chemistry and safety and health products fit nicely with the needed requests.

Over the years Pam and Jim have been able to grow AFC International into a distribution channel partner that can provide the highest level of gas detection and respiratory protection product expertise, service and sales support. AFC’s success is because of their employees! AFC employs the best sales representatives and trains them to the highest levels and standards.

Along with being very price competitive, AFC includes training and support with every product they sell. AFC International Inc. is also a certified Women Business Enterprise.