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Trolex XD1+ Personal Dust Monitor

The Trolex XD1+ Personal Dust Monitor is a simple, straightforward and highly accurate dust monitor with just a single button; simply switch it on, secure it in place and off you go. Each monitor includes charging cable, BreatheLite software and BreatheMoble License. The Team Pack includes 5 unites, charging and data dock. the Compliance Pack includes 4 samples, 1 hood and 1 base.


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The Trolex XD1+ Dust Monitor is a simple, straightforward and highly accurate dust monitor with just a single button; simply switch it on, secure it in place and off you go. With real-time dust monitoring,the XD1+ changes the way we fight respiratory disease in the workplace. The XD1+ uses no filters, pump, tubes or replaceable parts. It gives you instant alarms for fully customizable STEL and TWA measurements for PM1, PM2.5, PM4.25 and PM10. It features an automatic self-test routine and a maintenance cycle of around 2 minutes everyday 3 months, you can make the XD1+ a standard part of the PPE kit for anyone exposed to respirable dust in the workplace.

The Breathemobile App is used with the XD1+. Simply connect the Trolex XD1+ Dust Monitor using NFC technology by holding your App close to the XD1+. You can then view live and historic data, change your threshold settings and see any alarms. With personal real-time data delivered directly to your mobile phone, you can instantly identify the source of exposures and adjust control measures immediately. You can provide the correct PPE to those who need it, as well as record and store who, when and where of your dust exposure scenario.


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XD1+ Dust Monitor

XD1+ Dust Monitor, XD1+ Team Pack, Body Mount Kit, Wall/Pole Mount Kit, Compliance Pack, Compliance Pack, 12 packs, Data & Charging Dock


  • Open path particulate technology allows free flow of air through the unit for accuracy and durability
  • Constantly monitors with no pump, filter or impactor
  • Advanced processing algorithm, detected, counts and sizes up to 100,000 particulates per minute
  • Optically refined detection chamber allows the XD1+ to monitor every particle that flows through the unit
  • Bluetooth connectivity and RFID pairing and data docking make downloading and seeing your particulate data easy


Sensing Technology OPC Light Scatter Photometer
Particulate Measurement 0.1 micron to 10 micron (PM1, PM2.5, PM4.25, PM10)
Accuracy ±10%
Connectivity BreatheLite Application
BreatheMobile Application
Data Connections USB-C connector
User Options STEL and TWA alarm set points
Latching Alarms
Particulate measurement
Operating Range up to 150 mg/m3
Particulate Density Range 0.8 g/ml to 8.0 g/ml
Units Of Measure ug/m3 – Logged on device
ug/m3  or mg/m3 – BreatheLite App
Memory Capacity 1 GB (6months data logging at 10 second intervals)
User Interface/Alarms Visual Icon Illumination (STEL, TWA and Battery Indication)
Audible, 85 dB
Vibration alert
Self Test Sensor hardware, circuitry and battery test on activation, manual self test during use
IP Rating Main Enclosure: IP4
Particulate Flow Path: IP4X
Battery Capacity 8.2 Wh Lithium-ion
Battery Run Time 16 hours
Maximum Charge Current 1.5A
Charging Temperature Limits 0 to 45°C
Housing Material PC/ABS polymer
Operating Temperature -10 to 40°C
Humidity 0-95% RH, non-condensing
Weight 170g
Mounting Personal mounting clip, Klick fast stud, pole mount or custom bracket
Certifications UKCA and CE Compliant


Trolex XD1+ Dust Monitor datasheet

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