AFC International Inc. has a complete line of instrumentation, respiratory protection products and sampling equipment for environmental applications. Typical environmental instrumentation includes handheld Photo Ionization Detectors (PID’s). AFC International Inc. represents the best manufacturer in the business; Rae Systems by Honeywell. Rae Systems by Honeywell is the world’s leader in PID and wireless technology for Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) and over three hundred toxic industrial chemicals such as BTEX, ammonia, alcohols, ketones, and other hydrocarbons. Rae Systems by Honeywell portable PID instruments such as the MiniRae 3000+, ppbRae 3000+ and UltraRae 3000+ benzene specific PID are top in their class with features that cannot be beat. Besides the typical PIDs AFC International Inc. offers many other instruments. We have instruments for methane detection for landfills, water quality instruments for PH, ORP, sulfides, chlorine, turbidity, and many other target compounds, combustion efficiency monitors for burners and furnaces, direct reading particulate and dust monitors, sound level meters, and respiratory protection.