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VeriAir Flex Manual Inflating Sample Bags

The VeriAir Flex Manual Inflating Sample Bags patented volumetric pump and sample bag design lets you rapidly collect an air sample in a bag, saving you time and money.

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The VeriAir Flex Manual Inflating Sample Bags patented volumetric pump and sample bag design lets you rapidly collect an air sample in a bag, saving you time and money. Everything you need to collect a grab sample of air or gas is integrated into a simple, inexpensive system. You avoid the need for an additional electric pump, its required calibration and batteries. Unlike other gas sample bag collection methods there is no electric pump set up, no pump calibration, no required calibration equipment and no complex special training. It’s easy to use even for non-technical personnel. The VeriAir Flex requires no maintenance and no batteries to charge or replace. The VeriAir Flex is designed so anyone can use it, anytime, anywhere.

The sampling bag is ideal for emergency response situations, where an atmospheric air sample can be collected in a hot zone and then moved to a safe zone to be immediately tested with a portable gas chromatograph or other analytical instrument. With the optional detector tube adapter, Gastec direct reading pre-calibrated detector tubes can be used to screen the sample for target gases for immediate action and then the sample can be sent for laboratory analysis. Unlike stainless steel canisters, there are no dilution gas or volume calculations required when sampled gas is removed for off-site laboratory analysis.

Lightweight, compact and easily stores or carried, Nextteq’s intrinsically safe VeriAir Flex sample bag ha handles make of static charge dissipation materials and is always ready to collect an air sample anywhere, at anytime. Requiring no equipment prep, no battery charging or battery replacement and no calibration or other maintenance means that the VeriAir Flex is ideal for rapidly collecting an unknown nuisance aroma or odor at a moment’s notice and is ideal for emergency response, hazmat, HAZWOPER or everyday situations.

The VeriAir Flex built in volumetric pump and valve allows you to rapidly and easily inflate and expel air from the sample bag several times before sample collection, thereby allowing absorption equilibrium of contaminants of the air sample onto the interior surface of the sample bag. flushing the sample bag before sample collection means you obtain a more accurate and reliable sample with more precise sample recovery. The analytical grade inner polyolefin lining is recommended for stable storage of most gases.

When filled manually with the VeriAir Flex handles, the approximately 1 liter sample bag is protected by two sturdy, 4mm corrugated plastic panels for a more rugged product than the traditional sample bag. The analytical grade 6-mil, tear, puncture and friction resistant multilayer sample bag material has a nylon coated aluminum exterior and a polyolefin lining that is recommended for stable storage of most gases. Designed for air shipment, the VeriAir Flex incorporates reserve capacity that also the VeriAir Flex to expand to approximately 2 liters. The VeriAir Flex sampling bag can be shipped in airline cargo compartments pressurized up to 33,000 feet. The VeriAir Flex is rated for temperature of up to 176ºF and the multilayer bag material is rated at 5,8000 lbs tensile strength.

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