SR200 Full Face Respirator from Sundstrom

The SR200 Full Face Respirator from Sundstrom features very low breathing resistance. The exhalation valve covers with baffles effectively protect the valves and membranes against dust and paint mist. The design and location of the exhalation valves improve the scope available for communicating. Some of the inhalation air is guided via the screen disc to prevent misting.The full face respirator mask is used with the same simple cartridge and filter system as the Sundstrom half masks. The material and pigment in the face piece are FDA and BGA approved for foods and minimize the risk of contact allergies. All exposed plastic parts are made of polyamide. The easily adjustable elastic head harness of the mask is secured to the visor frame and to the exhalation valves, which together with a large crown plate, contributes towards a comfortable and secure fit. The spherical visor of the mask is made of a scratch resistant polycarbonate, which provides a large field of vision. The mask is very light, only 15 ounces. The SR307 compressed air attachment can be connected to the SR 200 full face mask and the combination is called a Type C continuous Flow Supplied Air Respirator. Each mask is supplied with a pre-filter, carrier strap, cleaning wipe and ID tag.

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SR200 Full Mask, Polycarbonate Visor
SR200 Full Mask, Glass Visor H01-1321
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SR280-3 Adapter


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