Series B14 – Gas Detection System Receivers

ATI’s Series B14 Gas Alarm Module Receivers are compact electronic modules that provide local alarm, display, and signal retransmission functions for gas detection systems.


ATI’s Series B14 Gas Alarm Module Receivers are compact electronic modules that provide local alarm, display, and signal retransmission functions for gas detection systems. The modules are designed to accept input from either two, three, or four wire 4-20 mA transmitters located up to 10,000 feet from the receiver. They are ideally suited for use with any of ATi’s series A12, B12, C12, D12, or F12 gas transmitters.

B14 Alarm Receivers are DIN rail mounted modules that can be supplied in single or multiple unit enclosures. Gas concentrations are indicated directly in PPM, PPB, percent, or percent LEL with the display range selectable by the user. Each module provides separate caution, warning, and alarm setpoints with LED bar indicators of each alarm point. LED indicators flash on initial alarm condition and change to steady on when the alarm is indicated.

Modules contain individual alarm relays for each alarm setpoint. However, each relay can be assigned to any setpoint to allow multiple alarm functions at a single alarm point. Relays are configurable for either standard or fail-safe operation and for either latching or non-latching operation. A fourth LED alarm bar and relay are provided to indicate trouble conditions. The trouble alarm and relay will activate on loss of input signal or if the 4-20 mA input drops below a specific value.


  • Wide range of gases available from sensor list
  • Loop-powered 4–20 mA, 675 ohms maximum at 24 VDC
  • 12–30 VDC
  • Explosion-proof enclosure optional, Class 1, Div., 1, Groups B, C, & D
  • Zero and span potentiometers mounted on transmitter circuit board
  • Operating temperature between -30° to +55°C (except oxygen, which is -10° to +55°C)
  • Sensor Pressure Limits: 7–30 PSIA (0.5–2 Bar)
  • Optional 3-Digit LCD


Concentration Display 4 Digit LED, programmable range
Input 2, 3 or 4-wire 4-20 mA transmitter
Output Isolated 4-20 mA, 1,000 ohms maximum load
Power 15-28 VDC, 400 mA maximum
Concentration Alarms Three adjustable concentration alarms. Setpoints adjustable from 5-100% of span
Alarm Indicators LED bars for Caution, Warning and Alarm
Indicator Function Caution and Warning indicator non-latching. Alarm indicator latching
Alarm Relays Three assignable relays, 7 A, 120 VAC (4 A, 220 VAC) resistive
Alarms are assignable to any one of three programmable setpoints
Relay Function Configurable for Normal/Fail-safe Latching/Non-latching, 2/second/10 second delay, or external horn function
Trouble Function Front panel, LED bar indicator and SPDT, 7 A relay,
Factory set for fail-safe operation
Alarm & Relay Reset Activated from front panel switch or through remote reset switch
External Reset Input terminals provided for unpowered contact input
Gas Indicator LED bar on front panel with gas symbol overlay
Electrical Connections Quick disconnect pluggable terminal blocks
Module Enclosure Noryl
Module Mounting Mounts to 35 x 7.5mm DIN rail
Operating Temperature -40ºC to 55ºC
Humdiity 0-99% RH, non-condensing

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