Nextteq’s goal is to provide advanced solutions—incorporating better technology, better quality, and better value—that will meet your detection and application needs today as well as tomorrow. To achieve this goal, they carefully monitor regulatory activities, they keep abreast of emerging technologies, and most importantly, they listen. As a result, Nextteq has been first to market with a variety of successful solutions including our all-in-one, patented plastic irritant smoke generators for respirator fit testing.

Gas Detection – Detector Tube Technology

  • Grab Sampling – detector tube and pump systems
  • Active Monitoring – constant flow pumps with TWA detector tubes
  • Passive Monitoring– personal detector tube dosimeters

Test Kits using Detector Tubes

  • First Response/Hazmat
  • Compressed Breathing Air (CBA) testing

Air Sampling for off-site analysis

  • VeriAir® Flex sampling bags – patented bag technology
  • Constant Flow pumps /charcoal tubes
  • VeriFit® Irritant smoke generators – patented technology
  • Irritant Smoke Tubes
  • VeriFit® Aerosol Generators (Bitrex® or Saccharin)

Air Flow Testing

  • Non-Irritant
  • Irritant

Colorimetric Gas Detector Tubes from Nextteq