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Nextteq CBA Kit for Grade D Breathing Air Testing

The Nextteq CBA breathing air kit includes everything needed to measure contaminant levels in compressed gas and supplied air.

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The Nextteq CBA kit now includes the ability to test for oxygen!

In addition, a new Nextteq regulator and flow meter system is included to work with the Nextteq CBA tubes.

Quality is key and our new regulator and flow meter system is no exception.  The flow meter comes with a calibration chart prepared by comparing the flow meter to a calibrator.  Use of the chart will improve the accuracy of the set flows, especially at the lower end of the flow meter scale.  Flow meters tend to be more accurate at a higher flow rates than they are at lower flow rates.  The calibration chart will allow for more accurate readings for all of the tubes included in the CBA kit.

Testing is made simple! Once you attach the regulator to an air bottle or you adapt it to an air supply manifold, follow the 3 steps below for all tubes except O₂:

  • Break the tube tips and insert the tube with the arrow pointing down
  • Set the flow rate for the first tube
  • At the end of the allotted time, remove the tube from the regulator, and read the tube immediately!

For O₂, you will be using a syringe kit with included instructions.  The syringe is used to monitor the volume of 50cc sample air.

Each Nextteq CBA Kit includes a Regulator and Flow Meter Assembly, NX-1000 Manual, Pelican Carrying Case, syringe kit and the 5 boxes of Nextteq® CBA tubes

Additional information

Weight 15 lbs


Medium Compressed Air
Maximum Inlet Pressure 3,000 psig
Flowmeter Delivery Pressure 50 psi, preset
Contaminants Detected Carbon Monoxide, Carbon Dioxide, Water Vapor, Oxygen, Oil Mist

Measuring Range

Measuring Range
Carbon Monoxide 2.5-100 ppm
Carbon Dioxide 100-3,000 ppm
Oxygen 2-24%
Oil Mist
0.3-5.0 mg/m3
Water Vapor 20-160 mg/m3

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