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20M Extension Hose with tube holder for Nextteq Tubes

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A Rubber 20M Extension Hose is used for remote detection of potentially harmful gases prior to entering a confined space such as a manhole or tank. The extension hose is placed between the detector tube and the sampling pump to determine the concentration of the gas.

Designed to satisfy demand for efficient and complete sampling of a ship’s large cargo holds, stack sampling, and other deep confined spaces: the 20-meter hose is identical in materials, construction and method of assembly as the 5 and 10-meter hoses. Due to the long length of the 20-meter extension hose, there is increased flow resistance causing a reduction in the vacuum which affects the length of stain. Therefore, some tubes need a correction factor and/or longer than normal sampling time to account for the reduced vacuum.

Available in 20M lengths with a tube holder


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