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Nextteq Short Term Detector Tubes: C

Whether for a routine inspection or a HazMat emergency, you can count on Nextteq’s complete line of Nextteq Detector Tubes to precisely measure gases and vapors for over 500 applications.

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We are proud to offer Nextteq Short Term Detector tubes which can detect over 500 chemicals with over 300 different detector tubes. These tubes focus on ease of use, speed and accuracy and are manufactured by one of the largest professional industrial organization in the gas detection industry. Each tubes features better technology, better quality and better value.

Nextteq detector tubes features high quality glass wrapped in a thin transparent film that protects against the shattering of the glass and the release of the chemical reagent in the event of accidental breakage. The calibration scale is printed in contrasting ink color that permits high legibility. Other features include and directional arrow, quality control number, chemical formula, pump stroke volume and detector tube number all printed on the tube. All boxes are clearly printed with the tube expiration date.


  • Manufacturing
  • Chemical
  • Energy
  • Construction
  • Transportation
  • Medical
  • HazMat
  • Uniformed service and government agencies


Gases & Vapors
Nextteq Tube
Measuring Range
Catalog No.
Carbon Dioxide Carbon Dioxide 0.021-1.0% NX117L
Carbon Dioxide 5-50% NX117VH
Carbon Dioxide SEI 0.1-5.2% NX117M
Carbon Dioxide 1-20% NX117H
Carbon Dioxide 100-4,000 ppm NX117VVL
Carbon Dioxide 0.02-1.4% NX117VL
Carbon Dioxide-Concentration Chart Method 100-7,000 ppm NX117CVL
Carbon Disulfide Carbon Disulfide 0.8-50 ppm NX118M
Carbon Disulfide 0.1-6.4 ppm NX118L
Carbon Disulfide 30-500 ppm NX118H
Carbon Monoxide Carbon Monoxide 2.5-100 ppm NX802
Carbon Monoxide 0.1-20% NX119VVH
Carbon Monoxide 0.1-2.0% NZ119VH
Carbon Monoxide 5-2,000 ppm NX119H
Carbon Monoxide 10-1,000 ppm NX119SA
Carbon Monoxide 10-1,000 ppm NX119SB
Carbon Monoxide 30-500 ppm NX119M
Carbon Monoxide-Concentration Chart Method 5-1,000 ppm NX119CL
Carbon Monoxide 1-50 ppm NX119L
Carbon Tetrachloride Carbon Tetrachloride 5-60 ppm NX120
Carbonyl Sulfide Carbonyl Sulfide 5-60 ppm NX121
Chlorine Chlorine 0.1-10 ppm NX112M
Chlorine 1-40 ppm NX122H
Chlorine 0.05-2 ppm NX122L
Chlorine Dioxide Chlorine Dioxide-Concentration Chart Method 1-20 ppm NX123C
Chlorobenzene Chlorobenzene 1-140 ppm NX124
Chloroform Chloroform 23-500 ppm NX125
Chloropicrin Chloropicrin 0.5-16 ppm NX126
m-Cresol Cresol 0.5-25 ppm NX202
o-Cresol Cresol 0.5-25 ppm NX202
p-Cresol Cresol 0.5-25 ppm NX202
Cumene Cumene 20-140 ppm NX147L
Cyclohexane Cylcohexane 0.01-0.6% NX128
Cyclohexane 50-1,400 ppm NX160
Cyclohexanol Cyclohexanol 5-500 ppm NX129
Cyclohexanone Cyclohexanone 5-100 ppm NX130
Cyclohexylamine Cylcohexylamine 1-20 ppm NX108VL
Cymene Cymene 20-200 ppm NX103L

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