KwikDraw Industry Action Tube Sets

The KwikDraw Industry Action Tube Sets are a quick, simple, and economical to use for respirator fit testing and airflow indication.

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KwikDraw Industry Action Tube Sets are variety packs of various detector tubes, designed specifically for different needs. These Industry Action Sets for the following industries: Agricultural, Pharmaceutical, Petroleum, Mining, Pulp and Paper, Synthetics Manufacturing, and Semiconductor. Conveniently packaged in boxes of 12, Industry Action Sets give you 20% more sampling than with traditional boxes.

Set Contents

Petroleum Set

  • 2 x Hydrogen Sulfide tubes
  • 2 x Carbon Monoxide tubes
  • 2 x Qualitest tubes
  • 4 x Benzene tubes
  • 2 x Hexane tubes

Agricultural Set

  • 4 x Phospine tubes
  • 2 x Sulfur Dioxide tubes
  • 4 x Methyl Bromide tubes
  • 2 x Hydrogen Cyanide tubes

Pharmaceutical Set

  • 3 x Acetic Acid tubes
  • 3 x Aromatic HC tubes
  • 3 x Qualitest tubes
  • 3 x Hydrogen Cyanide tubes

Mining Set

  • 3 x Carbon Monoxide tubes
  • 2 x Nitrogen Dioxide tubes
  • 3 x Nitrous fumes tubes
  • ‘4 x Natural Gas/Methane tubes

Pulp & Paper Set

  • 3 x Chlorine Dioxide tubes
  • 2 x Sulfur Dioxide tubes
  • 3 x Hydrogen Sulfide tubes
  • 2 x Chlorine tubes
  • 2 x Ozone tubes

Synthetics Manufacturing Set

  • 2 x Toluene tubes
  • 4 x Qualitest tubes
  • 2 x Ethanol tubes
  • 2 x Vinyl Chloride tubes
  • 2x Triochloroethylene tubes

Semiconductor Sets

There are four different sets targeted at specific semiconductor manufacturing processes:

Chemical Vapor Deposition Process

  • 3 x Ammonia tubes
  • 3 x CO2 tubes
  • 3 X Nitrous fumes tubes
  • 3 x H2S tubes

Etching Process

  • 4 x Ammonia tubes
  • 4 x Chorine tubes
  • 4 x Hydrogen Chloride tubes

Epitaxy Process

  • 3 x CO tubes
  • 3 x Hydrogen Chloride tubes
  • 3 X Phosphine tubes
  • ‘3 x Phosgene tubes

Crystal Growth Process

  • 6 x Phosgene tubes
  • 6 x Phosphine tubes

Ordering Information

For pricing on this KwikDraw Industry Tube Kit, please call AFC International at 1-800-952-3293, 219-987-6825 or fax 219-987-6826 or email

Catalog No.
Agriculture Tube Set
Petrochemical Tube Set D5086875
Pharmaceutical Tube Set D5086871
Mining Tube Set D5086873
Pulp and Paper Tube Set D5086872
Synthetics Tube Set D5086874
Chemical Vapor Deposition Process, Set I D5086876
Etching Process, Set II D5086877
Epitaxy Process, Set III D5086878
Crystal Growth Process, Set IV D5086879


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