KwikDraw Hazmat Detection Kit

This portable KwikDraw HazMat Detection kit provides immediate identification of unknown chemicals and can detect contaminants competitors miss.

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For pricing, please call 1-800-952-3293 or email

The KwikDraw Hazmat Detection Kit is ideal when responding to an incident involving unknown contaminants in the air at a hazardous incident or industrial setting. The tubes in the kit identify chemicals by class of functional group. The tubes are designed for quick, qualitative assessments, capable of determining the presence of the contaminants at minimum concentration levels.


  • Aids in the initial assessment of potentially hazardous situations
  • Provides a variety of gas detection tubes to help emergency response, fire and hazmat teams to classify unknown chemical gases and vapors at accident or spill sits
  • Detector tubes included in the kit have been selected to utilize a systematic sampling matrix


  • Residential calls
  • Fire rescue
  • Emergency response
  • Search & rescue
  • Confined space entry

Ordering Information

For pricing on the KwikDraw Hazmat Detection Kit, please call AFC International at 1-800-952-3293, 219-987-6825 or fax 219-987-6826 or email

Catalog No.
KwikDraw Hazmat Kit includes 1 box of all tubes listed, 1 Qualitest, 1 KwikDraw Tube Pump, Sampling Hose and Tube Matrix
Carrying Case D5146054

Spare Tube Ordering Information

Catalog No.
Alcohols D5085773
Ammonia D5085755
Carbon Dioxide D5085758
Carbon Monoxide D5085759
Chlorine D5085757
Dichloromethane D5085772
Hydrocarbons, Aromatic, Toluene D5085770
Hydrocarbons, Gasoline, n-Hexane D5085769
Hydrocarbons, Halogenated, Trichloroethylene D5085771
Hydrochloric Acid D5085762
Hydrogen Cyanide D5085756
Hydrogen Sulfide D5075764
Nitrous Gases D5085760
Phosgene D5075761
Sulfur Dioxide D5085763
Qualitest D5085810
Trainer Tube Assortment D5019703


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