Sensit HXG3 Combustible Gas Leak Detector

The HXG3 Combustible Gas Leak Detector is an advanced instrument used for detecting and finding the source of gas leaks. The HXG-3 measures combustible gases such as methane, propane, natural gas, pentane and other volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The backlit display shows percent lower explosive limit (LEL) and part per million (ppm) readings simultaneously. Audible and visual alarms warn of potential hazardous conditions. The HXG-3 also feature a unique audible tick control that helps find gas leaks fast. The tick can be easily heard through the speaker located on the back of the instrument.


  • Intrinsically safe rated
  • Displays LEL & ppm
  • Audible/visual alarms
  • Infrared downloading
  • Long life, low cost sensor
  • Simple calibration


  • Locate small gas leaks
  • Gas leak surveying
  • Gas line purging
  • Arson/accelerant detection


Gases Detected Methane, Natural Gas, Ammonia, Hydrogen, Butane, Propane, Acetone, Gasoline, Halon, Jet Fuel, Refrigerants, Ethylene Oxide, Lacquer Thinners, Industrial Solvents
Probe Length 16″ flexible gooseneck, electrically insulated for safety
Sensor Solid state, to 10 ppm sensitivity
Range LEL: 0-100% LEL
ppm: 0-50,000 ppm, optional
Resolution LEL: 0.1%
ppm: 1 or 10 ppm
Battery 3 C cell batteries, life 25 hours of operation
Approvals Class I, Div I, Groups C&D, Hazardous Location T3
Size 3.0″ x 11.5″ x 2.2″
Weight 1.2 pounds

Ordering Information

Each unit includes the detector, wrist strap, case, manual, sensor cap with filters. For pricing, please call AFC International at 1-800-952-3293, 219-987-6825 or fax 219-987-6826 or email

Catalog No.
HXG3 Combustible Leak Detector
HXG3 with Calibration Kit
HXG3 with internal pump
30″ Non conductive Probe
PC Interface with Software
IR Link with SmartLink Software 870-00039
Replacement Sensor
Sensor Cap with O-Rings (HXG3 with Pump 870-00018
Sensor Cap with O-Rings (HXG3 without Pump)


HXG3 Combustible Gas Leak Detector literature

HXG-3P Combustible Gas Leak Detector literature with pump

Note: The HXG3 cannot be used to check for carbon monoxide leakage from furnace heat exchangers due to the extremely low concentrations of carbon monoxide necessary to detect (less than 9 ppm/min). These low levels of carbon monoxide cannot reliably be detected by combustible gas detectors.

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