Cooling Vest with Ice Pack Inserts from Allegro Safety

This cooling vest uses cooling inserts to keep the wearer comfortable. It is ideal for under HazMat suits and other protective clothing. This vest features 4 pockets for inserts and is available in 3 sizes. This vest features four pockets for inserts, zipper front and adjusts with Velcro over shoulder and side straps to help achieve a snug fit. Added comfort with 2 layers of 100% cotton. Inserts not included.

The Feather Ice Inserts freeze like ice buy stay cold up to three times as long. These reusable packs deliver a constant level of cold, below 50°F. They are lightweight, pliable powder to conform to your body when frozen. Non-toxic, 4 per package.

The Phase Change Insert is safe, non toxic PCM. Freeze in the refrigerator or ice water, perfect for on the job site. Delivers a constant temperature of 65° for up to 3 hours depending on application environmental and physiological variables. 6″ x 14″ and weighs just 16 ounces. 4 per package.

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Catalog No.
Standard Vest for Inserts, L
Standard Vest for Inserts, XL
Standard Vest for Inserts, XXL
Feather Ice Inserts
Phase Change Inserts


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