Hydrogen Cyanide Gas Detectors are available from AFC International.

Hydrogen cyanide (HCN), also known as hydrocyanic or prussic acid, is a colorless gas or liquid with a characteristic faint odor of bitter almonds. In addition to being an important industrial chemical, hydrogen cyanide is a chemical warfare agent. It is categorized as a blood agent because it enters the blood stream and prevents intracellular oxygen utilization, resulting in chemical asphyxiation even in the presence of adequate oxygen in the atmosphere. Chronic or occasional exposure to this gas (especially by vapors inhalation) can lead to many dangerous health effects (asphyxiation, gastric and nervous system disorders, paralysis, irritation) that can even lead to death.

An hydrogen cyanide detector is used to monitor this gas concentration in the air.  The use of an HCN detector (with a toxicity measurement in ppm) is therefore essential to ensure safety in an environment presenting a potential HCN hazard. Today this gas is mainly used in the synthesis of industrial products (nylon, plastics, herbicides, chemical compounds) and can also be rejected by various industries (blast furnaces for example). Our selection of hydrogen cyanide detectors offers fixed, portable, multi gas or single gas HCN monitors to suit all applications.