Carbon Dioxide Gas Detectors – Carbon Dioxide is one of the most common hazards to health in breweries, cellars and drink outlets which makes it critical to have reliable carbon dioxide detectors in your environment. It is also the fourth most abundant gas in the atmosphere. Despite the fact that we breathe out carbon dioxide and that it is present in the atmosphere (about 400 ppm), its maximum safe level is 5000 ppm (0.5% by volume). It is a product of complete combustion, and is found in brewing and other fermentation processes. CO2 along with methane are the primary components in landfill and sewage treatment digester gas. CO2 is used to carbonate beer, and possesses a hazard in the brewing industry particularly because CO2 is heavier than air and collects at low levels.

There is some degree of risk in crowded, badly ventilated places, and an oxygen deficient atmosphere often accompanies this problem. Another typical practice is to increase plant growth by elevating normal CO2 levels in greenhouses. It is odorless and colorless and difficult to measure in ppm levels, infrared absorption being the usual technique. Long term exposure to only 0.5% volume represents a toxic health hazard. Concentration greater than 15% volume can lead to death.

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