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Casella is dedicated to reducing occupational and environmental health risks through effective monitoring solutions. Casella prides itself on providing precision instrumentation since 1799, supplying eminent figures including David Livingstone and Charles Darwin with instrumentation for exploration and scientific work. They offer smart and easy to use solutions for monitoring noise, dust and vibration. Their continuing innovation and training support ensure the next generation have the latest technology and expertise to aid health risk measurement.

Air Sampling

Air sampling is used to measure an individual’s exposure to a harmful substance in the air such as dusts and vapors, which is then compared to an exposure limit. Personal air sampling pumps are used with sampling accessories and media (filters and tubes) to collect the substance, which can then be sent to a laboratory for analysis. This will then give an 8-hour exposure value. Real time dust monitors are also available to give instantaneous dust levels, which will show when exposure occurred and a dust level in real time.

Noise Monitoring

Noise monitoring instruments comprise of sound level meters and noise dosimeters used for workplace noise control or environmental noise monitoring. Sound level meters range from simple devices for items such as fire alarm testing up to more comprehensive units to measure occupational or environmental noise. Personal noise dosimeters are bodily worn, ideal for measuring mobile workers with complex shift patterns.

Boundary Monitoring

Boundary monitors are used at the fence line, such as in construction and demolition, to monitor emissions from the construction or manufacturing site. In order to prevent nuisance or environmental harm, sites may have limits for noise, dust (e.g. PM10 or PM2.5) and vibration (PPV) levels. Fixed monitors can aid in managing environmental factors by alerting users, via text and email, when prescribed limits are exceeded.