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dBadge2 Noise Dosimeter

The Casella dBadge2 Noise Dosimeter keeps all the great attributes of the original dBadge but adds incredible features you won’t want to do without!

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The Casella dBadge2 Noise Dosimeter keeps all the great attributes of the original dBadge but adds incredible features you won’t want to do without!  When Casella CEL introduced the revolutionary micro-sized dBadge cable-free, shoulder-mounted noise dosimeter to Industrial Hygienists and Safety professionals worldwide in 2006, it revolutionized personal noise exposure sampling in a significant way. Gone were all of the hassles and safety concerns of cable-mounted microphones – yet all the essential features of ‘traditional’ noise dosimeters (LCD data display, on-board control keys, IS approvals, ‘multiple metrics’ capture and secure data storage) were retained. No other dosimeter then could claim these attributes and today we are proud to announce the arrival of the revolutionary Casella dBadge2 Noise Dosimeter.

Imagine being able to view noise exposure data from multiple workers, remotely right on your cellphone or tablet. Now you can access each ANSI/IEC standards compliant dBadge2 noise dosimeter directly from your HHD using the built-in Bluetooth®4.0 connection and the Casella Airwave App! What this means is you no longer have to interrupt the worker and their work to ensure your noise exposure data are being gathered as expected. You can see overall exposure metrics, including averages, max and peak; instrument status, and all without even being in sight of a worker under test. You can start, stop and pause a test as many times as you like, remotely, without ever bothering the worker again. If you choose, you can email or text summary of noise exposure results right from your tablet or smartphone directly to other people such as plant managers or supervisors.

Beyond this ground-breaking advancement in noise exposure sampling methodology, the Casella dBadge2 noise dosimeter and Casella dBadge2 Plus noise dosimeter and the Casella dBadge2 Pro noise dosimeter models also offers you capabilities rarely found in personal noise dosimeters including how to select proper hearing protection, or determine whether a process can be made safer in a cost-effective manner through the use of Octave Band measurement data (Pro model). Also included is a built-in motion sensor which ensures that the analyzer is being worn.

All Casella dBadge2 noise dosimeter models have kept the simple 2-button operation and one-touch calibration features that are so popular. The case itself is more robust and better sealed against the elements; the display screen is much larger and has a brilliant color OLED display; and the new improved windscreen design is much less susceptible to inadvertent damage thanks to a much larger grip ring and simpler attachment method. Even the attachment clips have been improved to grip more tightly on the widest possible assortment of clothing types in a way that limits stress to the clip itself, extending its useful life indefinitely. Of course, the dBadge2 noise dosimeter still captures every bit of data you’ll ever need from every single test, to meet virtually any existing, proposed or even hypothetical standard in use anywhere. And, it downloads to a new improved version of Insight software for simple and custom tailored report generation and archiving.


  • Bluetooth 4.0 wireless connectivity
  • Airwave App for mobile devices such as phones and tablets
  • Multiple simulated dosimeters
  • Full color display
  • Motion sensor
  • 1 second time history profiling
  • Pause function
  • Recording of audio events (optional)
  • Octave band frequency analysis (optional)
  • Updated and simplified Insight software with advanced noise analysis features


  • Complete shift exposure measurements
  • Task based measurements
  • Measurements in accordance with CFR 1910.95, ISO9612:2009, L108 Controlling Noise at Work
  • Selection of hearing protection


Acoustic Accuracy ANSI S1.25:1991, R2007, IEC61252 ed 1.2 (2002-3)
Dynamic Range 55.0-140.3 dB (A) RM
Frequency Weightings A, C and Z, Type 2
Time Weightings Fast, Slow & Impulse
Exchange Rates (Q dB) Q=3 or Q=5B
Threshold Level (dB) Any levels from 70 to 90 in 1 dB steps
Criterion Level (dB) Any level between 70 and 90 in 1 dB steps
Real Time Clock Accuracy better than 1 minute per month
Under Range Indication 1 dB below the bottom of range
Overload Indication 140.4 dB RMS
Peak Overload Value 143.4 dB peak
Run Time 24 hours
Charge Time < 6 hours from fully discharged
Storage Capacity Internal USD Flash memory – 300 hours of run data and up to 90 minutes of even audio recording
Battery Pack Internal NiMH, 800mAH
Bluetooth Range Typically 25M line of sight and depending on RF conditions
Display 96×64 dots full color OLED display with adjustable contrast
User Control 2 button operation, remote start/stop/pause using AirWave App
Stored Profile Values Lavg(Q=5), LZpk, Leq(Q=3), LCpk
PC Interface USB 2.0 full speed 12Mbps via docking station
Temperature Range 0°C – 40°C for <±0.5 dB error limit
Pressure Range <±0.5dB over 85-112kPa
Humidity Range <±0.5dB over 30%-90% non-condensing
Size 85mm L x 54mm W x 55mm H
Weight 117 g

Ordering Information

All kits include the CEL-352 dBadge noise dosimeter(s) acoustic calibrator, charging base(s), universal power supply, USB cable, Insight database software and case. For pricing, please call AFC International at 1-800-952-3293, 219-987-6825 or fax 219-987-6826 or email

Catalog No.
Single Pack dBadge2 Dosimeter Kit
Twin Pack dBadge2 Dosimeter Kit
Five Pack dBadge2 Dosimeter Kit dBadge2/K5
Ten Pack dBadge2 Dosimeter Kit dBadge2/K10
Single Pack dBadge2 Plus Dosimeter Kit dBadge2Plus/K1
Two Pack dBadge2 Plus Dosimeter Kit dBadge2Plus/K2
Five Pack dBadge2 Plus Dosimeter Kit dBadge2Plus/K5
Ten Pack dBadge2 Plus Dosimeter Kit dBadge2Plus/K10
Single dBadge2 Pro Dosimeter Kit dBadge2Pro/K1
Two Pack dBadge2 Pro Dosimeter Kit dBadge2Pro/K2
Five Pack dBadge2 Pro Dosimeter Kit dBadge2Pro/K5
Ten Pack dBadge2 Pro Dosimeter Kit dBadge2Pro/K10
Single dBadge2 Noise Badge Unit with Mounting Clip and Windscreen dBadge2
Class 2 Acoustic Calibrator, 114 dB at 1 KHz CEL-120/2
3 Way Charger including PC18 Universal Power Supply 207078B/KIT
Charging Base Link Cable 20707B/EXT
Multi Pack Kit Case for 12 dBadge Dosimeters CEL-6355


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