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Flow Detective Digital Flowmeter

The Flow Detective Digital Flowmeter is designed with ruggedness an accuracy in mind. The FlowDetective and FlowDetectivePlus include 3′ tubing and a calibration certificate. The Kits include a rubber boot, docking station, calibration certificate, 3′ tubing and a sampler adapter.

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The Flow Detective Digital Flowmeter is designed with ruggedness an accuracy in mind. With Casella’s world renowned ease of use, calibration of air sampling pumps just got quicker and easier. The Flow Detective has been designed to be rugged, with no moving parts so it can be used in the field. Performing calibrations is quick and easy, with a simple user interface and color screen that can be easily viewed from a distance.

With the longest battery life on the market, there is peace of mind that it is always ready to go. Within a few seconds of switching on the Flow Detective Digital Flowmeter, is ready to measure, ensuring you can calibrate devices quickly. With it’s wide flow range, as well as calibrating dust sampling heads, it can be used to calibrate at low flows for sorbent tube sampling, ensuring you just need one device for all personal air sampling calibration. The Flow Detective calibrates within 2% accuracy, has a 70 hour battery life and flow ranges of 20ml/min to 5,00ml/min.

As pumps generally use a moving diaphragm, this creates fluctuations in the flow rate on a pump. As sampling heads like cylcones rely on a steady flow to maintain a specific size cut, it is important for pulsation to be as small as possible. Thee flow Detective display a red indicator if pulsation is above 10%

When calibrating any device, the Airwave App can be used to remotely control the Flow Detective and wirelessly receive calibration data. When used with an Apex2 pump closed loop calibration can be achieved so nothing has to be set manually on the pump which saves time.

The Airwave App allows calibration data to be sent from you mobile device’s email client. This allows you to get calibration traceability data quickly, both before taking a sample run with a pump and after the sampling period to verify flow is within 5%.

The Plus calibrator features low flow calibration, Bluetooth connectivity and closed loop calibration with the Apex2 pumps.

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  • High accuracy calibration
  • Pulsation detection
  • Simple operation
  • Rugged design
  • Long battery life
  • Wide flow measurement
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Closed loop, wireless calibration with Apex2 pumps


Flow Range Normal: 500 to 5,000 ml/min
Low: 20 to 500 ml/min
Accuracy <±2% from 500 to 5,000 ml/min
±0.8% of reading ±0.2% FSD from 20 to 500 ml/min
Pulsation Indicator Flashes when pulsation is >10%
Flow Modes Standard or Actual Fold
Volume Units ml/min, L/min, cF/min, cc/min
Temperature Units C, F, K
Pressure Units kPa, mmHg, H2O, cmH2O, mBar, PSI
Display Color OLED
Controls 4 buttons
Warm Up Time <1 second
Temperature 0-45°C
Humidity 30-95% rH
Barometric Pressure Auto-correcting
Battery Rechargeable Li-Ion
Battery Level Indicator Yes
Battery Life >70 hours
Charge Time Typically <6 hours
Dimensions 4.41 x 1.46 x 4.02″
Weight 13 ounces


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Flow Detective Field Guide

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