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VAPex Personal Air Sample Pump

The VAPpex personal air sample pump combines class beating performance with great new features and is now rated intrinsically safe.

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The VAPex Personal Air Sample Pump range has been designed particularly for low flow sampling of vapors and gases in working environments. Its Intrinsically Safe design and remote operation via the Airwave App makes it ideal for modern day sampling requirements. With a wide flow range of 20mL – 500mL, the VAPex personal sampling pump has outstanding back pressure capability. This capability ensures uninterrupted smooth operation of the pump in even the most demanding situations.

The VAPex pump has a high performing Li-Ion battery with a an indicator on the screen showing the remaining battery life. At optimum use of 200mL/min (20cm H2O Back Pressure), the battery lasts beyond 34 hours.

The VAPex pump has one of the most practical, slim and lightweight cases designed with user convenience in mind. The wearing clip comes with a lifetime guarantee.

The VAPex pump is available in a standard model which features intrinsically safe rating, constant pressure mode and motion sensor. The Pro model features all of the above plus Bluetooth, run duration timer, fully programmable timers and logging of flow and motion.


  • Pocket size form factor
  • Intrinsically safe
  • Wide low flow range of 20 ml to 500ml/min
  • Display with highly visible color coded menus
  • Motion sensor to ensure compliance and operation
  • Ergonomically designed case weighting on 220 grams
  • Recessed inlet to prevent damage
  • Large buttons with lockable keypad
  • Bluetooth capabilities for remote calibration
  • Compatible with Airwave App for remote access and control
  • Create notes on the go within the App to save time


Flow Range 20-500
Back Pressure 70 cm @ 500ml/min
Flow Control <±5% at calibrated point
Run Time 34 hours at 200ml/min
Battery High capacity Li-ion battery
Chargers Single or 5 way dock, 6 hours charge time
IP Rating IP65
Temperature 41 to 113°F
Barometric Pressure Auto-correcting
Dimensions 3.4″ x 3/2″ x 1/8″
Weight 7.76 ounces

Ordering Information

All pumps include 1M of tubing, field guide and certification of calibration. Kits include a pump docking station with power supply, USB download cable and case. For pricing, please call AFC International at 1-800-952-3293, 219-987-6825 or fax 219-987-6826 or email

Description Catalog No.
VAPex Pump VAPex
VAPexPro Pump VAPex Pro
VAPex Pump Kit with 1 pump VAPex/K1
VAPex Pump Kit with 5 pumps VAPEX/K5
VAPex Pro Pump Kit with 1 pump VAPex/K1
VAPex Pro Pump Kit with 5 pumps VAPex/K5
Replacement Battery 2104044C
Replacement Inlet Filters, Pk/10 214100A
Docking/Charging Station for 1 VAPex Pump includes universal power supply & USB Cable 214020B/KIT
Docking/Charging Station for 5 VAPex Pumps includes universal power supply & USB Cable 214020C/KIT


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