Rescue Pak from Draeger

The Rescue Pak is ideal for use in confined space, HazMat response, tank entry and cleaning, sewer maintenance and chemical handling operations among other applications. It can serve as a primary air source by using cylinders for breathable air, or when using an external high pressure source (e.g. a compressor), the cylinders can provide air for emergency egress.

Any SCBA type cylinder can be used with the Rescue Pak. The CGA 347 fitting which is standard and permits use of either low or high pressure cylinders (up to 4500 psi). A directional valve in the pneumatics ensures only one cylinder at a time is supplying air.

The Rescue Pak features an adjustable regulator for 4 quick connects outlets, a second regulator for a 5 quick connect outlet and a low pressure alarm whistle. The fifth air connection with its dedicated regulator provides air at a different, lower pressure than to the respirators. This connection is ideal for pneumatic tools.

The Rescue Pak has a lightweight frame with 8″ ball bearing wheels and a telescopic handle for the ease of movement and portability. The telescopic handle provides compact storage in the down position. On the rear of the Rescue Pak, up to 50′ of the supplied airline hose can be stored.


Weight 56 pounds without cylinders, 67 pounds with optional cover
Dimensions 37″L x 27″W x 14.5″D
Air Distribution Regulated 4 Hansen brass quick disconnect outlets, others available, and 1 independently regulated Hansen brass quick disconnect outlet which provides air at lower pressure than that set on the primary regulator
Frame Lightweight aluminum with 2 carry handles. Blue powder coat paint, rear hose rack to hold up to 50′ of hose
Cart Steel, powder coat paint, 8″ semi-pneumatic tires, retractable handle
Optional Cover Aluminum, blue powder coat paint
Directional Flow Valve Selects usage of either left or right cylinder for operation
Regulator 0-5,000 psi incoming 0-125 psi outgoing
Relief Valve 125 psi ASME preset
Warning Alarm Pneumatic whistle for low pressure warning, set at about 500 psi
Check Valves Allows independent cylinder operation and removal without complete system shut-down
High Pressure Inlet Handles a third incoming air source from an external supply
Bleeder Valves Allows depressurization of hand tight nut before cylinder removal
Bottle Straps 4 each, adjustable with Velcro, to accommodate different size cylinders
Whip Assemblies Thermoplastic 5,000 psi rated 4:1 safety factor
Flow Rate Primary regulator 80 cfm (2,260 LPM) @ 120 psi
Intrinsic Safety No electronic devices to cause a spark

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