PAS Colt Personal Airline Respirator from Draeger Safety


This item is no longer available from AFC International, please contact us for suitable replacements.

Draeger’s PAS Colt combines versatility, ease of use and the latest in breathing apparatus design. It is among the most technologically advanced, short duration emergency escape unit available. The PAS Colt is NIOSH approved for entry and escape and may be used in the supplied air mode up to 300 feet or 12 hose length sections form the air source, whichever is greater. The very latest harness design and materials, accompanied by lightweight cylinder, make wearing the ergonomically designed PAS Colt stable and comfortable. The versatility allows it to be used effectively in applications and environments ranging from chemical spills and decontamination operations to routine maintenance tasks. The PAS Colt is a hip mounted unit with a distinctive, sophisticated harness design which retains its form, making it easy for the wearer to don the apparatus imply and quickly.

The procedure for donning the Colt is evident at first glance, even to the inexperienced user. Equipped as an option, the unique ‘drop down’ feature where the cylinder can be unclipped form the waistbelt, makes the PAS Colt ideal for use in confined space entry applications. The harness has been constructed using an antistatic material inert to chemicals and oil and impervious to most acids and alkalis. Benefiting from a high resistance to abrasion and heat, this new harness meets the requirements of EN137 heat and flame resistance This means that the unit operates trouble free over temperature ranges of -22°F to 140°F and will self extinguish within 5 seconds after exposure to flame temperatures of 1742°F plus or minus 122°F. The Colt is also fully machine washable.

This materials was chosen because of its flexibility and ability to retain its form and shape, in a wide range of temperatures. Its durability, ease of cleaning, resistance and strength means it is ideal for use in extreme conditions. The technology used in the development of this unit is inherited from Draeger’s advanced PSS range of breathing apparatus, designed for professional fire fighters. The buckles used are designed to be easily located, even when wearing gloves for quick adjustment. The buckles follow the contours of the unit to reduce the risk of snagging.

Should the airline supply fail for any reason, the escape cylinder would be employed by simply opening the cylinder valve. New to the SAR system is the optional Low Pressure Airline warning whistle which activates in the event that the incoming air pressure drops below safe levels. The PAS Colt includes the versatile Draeger Panorama Nova full facepiece with triple sealing edges for a superior fit and a speech diaphragm for clear communications. Three sizes in one mask is also compatible with other Draeger compressed air respiratory products.


Face Mask EPDM or Silicone
Harness Material Closed cell Ethylene Vinyl Acetate
Cylinder Pressure 5 Minute: 2216 aluminum,
10 Minute: 3000 Hoop Wrap
Airline Pressure 87 – 137 psig
Pressure Reducer Output, 1st Stage >1,000
LDV Output, 2nd Stage >550
Airline Whistle Activation* 58-72 psig
Airline Whistle Sound Level* >90 dba
Airline Whistle Frequency* 2,000 to 4,000 Hz
Operation Temperature -25 to 158°F
Weight 5 Minute: 4.7 pounds, 10 Minute: 5.5 pounds

*Optional on airline units


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