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RAM 744 Portable Grade D Breathing Air System

The RAM 744 Grade D Breathing System is the ideal monitor for portable applications and where space is limited.

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The RAM 744 Grade D Breathing System is the ideal monitor for portable applications and where space is limited. It is mounted with the filtration system, allowing for rapid response and eliminating the possibility of sample lines becoming blocked or crimped. The flow rate is fixed so there are no touchy flow meters to adjust.

The RAM 744 monitor is designed to satisfy OSHA monitoring requirements for Grade D breathing air. Utilizing an electrochemical sensor, the monitor alerts the user to excessive carbon monoxide levels that enter the airline system. Operating from a 110V AC or 9 V battery power source, this unit is able to activate optional devices like an air horn that is safe in explosive environments such as paint booths. A simple calibration system, alarm contacts and compact size make the RAM 744 ideal for many applications. The design of the RAM 744 requires mounting with a GfG 25, 50 or 100 CFM airline filter system.

Calibration and maintenance are made simple with the innovative AutoCal system that allows the CO sensor to be calibrated with the flip of a switch and test gas connection. The alarm level is set to 10 ppm.

The compact portable air case encloses the three stage 25, 50 or 100 CFM filter panel with the RAM 744 CO monitor. All models have quick connect inlets and outlets.

The RAM 744 satisfies the requirements of OSHA rule 29 CFM 1910.134 (d) (2) (ii) for carbon monoxide monitoring. They will also monitor Grade E air which is generally specified for breathing air in cylinders (SCBA).


  • Continuous in line CO measurement with low maintenance electrochemical sensor
  • Three stage filtration for up to 8 users
  • Fully automatic calibration adjustment
  • Dependable long life electrochemical CO sensor
  • Durable easy to operate design
  • Meets OSHA requirements for Grade D breathing air
  • Continuous monitoring of supplied breathing air


Gas Detected Carbon monoxide
Range 0-99 ppm
Display 2 digit backlit LCD
Expected Sensor Life Greater than 1 year
Alarm Point 10 ppm
Alarms Audible: 83 dB a 1′
External Alarm: 90 dB at 1M
Visual: Flashing LED
Airline Input/outlet Standard Pressure: 70 to 150 psi
Outlet: Dynaquip quick connects
Available Relay Contacts N/O, common, N/C
0.3 A @ 125 VAC
0.1A @ 30 VDC
Sample Flow Rate 1.0 CFM
Power Source 12 VDC external
9 VDC internal
Temperature Range -4 to 122°F

Ordering Information

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Catalog No.
25 CFM Portable Filter Panel 9025-744
50 CFM Portable Filter Panel 9025-744
100 CFM Portable Filter Panel 9025-733
RAM 744 Airline Monitor, require filtration panel (above) 744

Accessory Ordering Information

Catalog No.
Calibration Kit includes case, regulator, calibration adapter, calibration gas and tubing 7735-101
Replacement Filter Kit for 25 CFM Panel 2609-25P
Replacement Filter Kit for 50 CFM Panel 2609-50P
Replacement Filter Kit for 100 CFM Panel 2609-100P


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