KKart Portable Air Source from Draeger Safety

The KKart II provides a portable source of breathing air to supplied air respiratory systems. Increased stability and added options make this second generation portable air source one of the most versatile in the market. The KKart II provides a portable source of breathing air to supplied air respiratory systems. Using two K or T cylinders, the KKart II is rated to 5,000 psig or less.


  • Hand tight nuts connect cylinders to whips
  • One 300′ hose reel or two 150′ hose reels
  • 4 quick disconnects on the manifold
  • The option of an attached storage bin
  • Large easy to read gauges
  • Two eyelets on the cart for sling attachment and vertical lifting of cart with cylinders
  • Ergonomically designed for better maneuverability
  • 6″ front swivel caster wheels with wheel locks
  • 16″ semi-pneumatic rear tires
  • Control panel protected from damage by the cart handle
  • Hand tight CGA fittings permit tool free cylinder changes
  • Easy bleeder valves eliminate the need for long depressurization of system
  • In-line check valve allows cylinder change without interrupting operations
  • The option of two, 150′ hose reels increase system flexibility
  • Optional storage bin reduces work area clutter
  • Ergonomic, 4 wheel design makes KKart II easy to handle, even over rugged terrain
  • Gas assisted lift mechanism lowers cart front slowly to the ground when the handle is released
  • Fully adjustable dual gauge regulator with built in 125 psi safety relief valve
  • Steel construction makes KKart II suitable for the roughest environment


Flow Requirements Minimum 1,800 LPM @ 100 psi output
Pressure Requirements Inlet: 3,000 psi maximum
Outlet: 0-125 psi operating pressure
Pneumatic Warning Whistle Activation @ 500 psi, minimum 80 dBA
Fittings High Pressure: CGA 347, two handtight with bleeder valves
High pressure in-line check valves, quick disconnect: four Hansen brass, 3,000 series
Low Pressure Alarm Pneumatic whistle, 500 psi activation
Hose Reel One 300′ or two 150′ capacity
Tires 16″ semi-pneumatic read and 6″ swivel lock front
Structure Steel

Ordering Information

For pricing, please call AFC International at 1-800-952-3293, 219-987-6825 or fax 219-987-6826 or email sales@afcintl.com.

Catalog No.
KKart II, 300′ Reel
KKart II, 300′ Reel, Storage Box
KKart II, 2 each 150′ Reels
KKart II, 2 each 150′ Reels, Storage Box

Accessory Ordering Information

Catalog No.
Cylinder & Valve, 300 cubic feet
Optional Soft Cover for KKart

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