Hot Pack Holder for Draeger Tubes

The Draeger Hot Pack Holder in connection with Hot Packs enables the use of Draeger Tubes below the temperature stated in the instructions. The first Tube Warmer without the need for electricity.

All Draeger Tubes for short term measurements can be used until -20°C. By using the Holder with Draeger Tubes you are assured the accuracy of the Draeger Tubes as described in the instructions with the added value of temperature control. A solution of Potassium acetate becomes crystallized by a simple click of the starter and heats up immediately.


  • Cost effective use onsite
  • No electrical power required
  • The Hot Packs can be reactivated up to several 100 times by boiling in water or in a microwave

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Catalog No.
Hot Pack Holder, includes 2 Hot Packs
Hot Packs, pk/2


Hot Pack Tube Warmer Datasheet

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