Uniphos Short Term Detector Tubes: Xylene

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The original Uniphos Tubes for Xylene are 5 mm in diameter and are used with the precision ASP-40 piston hand pump, delivering 100 cc for a full stroke or 50 cc for a half stroke volume. The typical sample time per stroke is two minutes based on the specific tube. The narrow tube and fine granular size of the reagent carrier used in the 5 mm tubes produce distinct stain characteristics and sharply defined endpoints to help interpret the indication on the tube. The piston style pump and tube configuration often have the standard range of measurement based on a single pump stroke. These short term detector tubes provide a simple and reliable means of quickly determining the presence and concentration of gases and vapors.

Uniphos Tubes for Xylene provide a simple measurement of chemicals in gas samples. The tubes are pre-calibrated, take only a few minutes to complete sampling, and the concentration is read directly from the length of color stain. Tubes are available for over 150 different chemicals and concentration ranges.

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Gases & Vapors
Range Type
Measuring Range
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Xylene Standard
25-1,000 ppm
50-2,00 ppm

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Uniphos Detector Tubes


Xylene Detector Tubes, 25-1,000 ppm, 10 per box , 24 month shelf life $52.00
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