FPS 7000 CBRN Face Mask from Draeger


This item is no longer available from AFC International, please contact us for suitable replacements.

Available in multiple sizes, the FPS 7000 face mask also has the largest unobstructed field of vision of any mask. Accessories like the FPS-COM voice amplification system is fully integrated into the face mask providing clear communications to other firefighters.

The FPS 7000 face mask was designed to provide the firefighter with an exceptional unobstructed wide field of vision. The tough distortion free polycarbonate visor has an anti-scratch coating for protection. Incoming air enters the face mask via a unique one way valve, distributing the air evenly over the inside of the visor, preventing fogging and cross contamination to the lung demand valve.

The FPS mask body is made of a durable EPDM rubber material providing an excellent facial seal with outstanding comfort. The unique triple sealing edges on the FPS 7000 face mask (industry first) follows the contour of the firefighters face providing an excellent seal. Three size face masks and inner masks now guarantee a perfect fit to any firefighter. Ergonomically designed, the quick donning head harness forms to the shape of the head to provide excellent comfort and support of the mask to the face.

Our new mechanical speech diaphragm raises the benchmark to provide excellent communications between firefighters and could be the answer to meet the new stringent NFPA 2007 communication requirements. The FPS mask is also the first face mask to be designed with a fully integrated communication system. The FPS-COM voice amplifier system forms to the contours of the face mask. The combination of the FPS 7000 face mask with the FPS-COM voice amplifier system ensures a perfectly balanced system. The unique twin speakers (on the left and right of the mask) provide the ultimate in speech clarity with a surround sound output. Depending on your requirements the FPS-COM system can be easily integrated into your existing radio system. Fully submersible, the FPS-COM system can be effectively cleaned without being removed from the face mask.

No matter what the environment conditions are the new Draeger HUD system will always provide valuable cylinder information directly to the firefighter. The HUD is positioned inside the mask for maximum protection and performance, The HUD provides cylinder content information, 50% cylinder content warning and SCBA systems alert warnings as well as providing buddy light information. Water proof, robust and reliable and using the latest wireless technology the HUD can be easily installed in seconds.

The Draeger FPS 7000 face mask was developed as a result of them listening and paying close attention to customers. The Draeger FPS 7000 face mask provides maximum flexibility for fire departments, flexible options that are quick to attach and ready to use.


Mask Body Convenient, hypo-allergenic remover and/or EPDM
Harness 5 point connection with a large contact surface area at the back of the head, alternatively a hairnet
Size Mask body in 3 sizes, (S, M and L) compatible with inner mask in 3 different sizes
Visor Polycarbonate visor available with anti scratch and anti fog coatings
Connector P type plug in connector
Weight About 1.32 pounds, depends on size
Approved NIOSH, NFPA, CBRN, EN 136 Class 3


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