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SR200 Anhydrous Ammonia Respiratory Kit

Sundstrom Respiratory Kits for agriculture feature a full face mask plus a P100 filter, and chemical filters. Sold in packages of 3 kits.

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SR200 Anhydrous Ammonia Respiratory Kits for agriculture feature a full face mask plus a P100 filter, and chemical filter. Agricultural workers are exposed to numerous on the job respiratory hazards. Pesticides, fertilizers, dusts disinfectants, paints and gases are just a few of the hazards which may be encountered. Serious respiratory problems can develop from prolonged exposure to any of these airborne contaminants.

Exposure to grain dusts, molds, pollen, animal dander, soil dust, welding fumes and diesel exhaust can lead to serious respiratory problems. Although they are less toxic than some chemicals, dusts are suspended in the air and can easily enter the lungs and cause damage. Dust in the lungs has both immediate and long term effects.

Anhydrous ammonia is a strong alkali that can cause death or severe injury to body tissue due to its caustic, corrosive, freezing and dehydrating action. An almost instant freeze drying process occurs when the liquid ammonia comes in contact with body tissue.

The SR200 Anhydrous Ammonia Respiratory Kit contains SR200 full face respirator, SR229 AM/MA filter, SR 510 P100 filter,  10 SR221 prefilters, prefilter holder, cleaning wipe and ID tag. Can be used in the anhydrous ammonia fertilization industry.

Proposition 65 WarningWARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –



  • A superior face seal means a very high protection factor.
  • Easily adjustable v-shaped elastic head harness with a large crown plate.
  • Unique inhalation and double exhalation valve design provides one half the breathing resistance of competitive respirators. this means easier breathing and greater respirator compliance.
  • Extra large 201 square inch P100 filter area provides extremely low breathing resistance, high air flow and extended filter life.
  • Pre-filter system collects coarse particles thereby extending the life of the P100 filter.
  • Mask can be used with or without supplied chemical cartridges.
  • Easily fit tested and fit checked.
  • NIOSH approved.



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