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Pandemic Flu Respirator Kit by Sundstrom

The Pandemic Flu Respirator Kit from Sundstrom includes is a complete respirator kit to protect against any flu outbreaks. Sold in packages of 3 kits.

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The Pandemic Flu Respirator Kit from Sundstrom includes is a complete respirator kit to protect against any flu outbreaks. The Sundstrom half mask respirator offers 1,667 times more protection than an N95 respirator at less cost. NIOSH requires P100 class filters to eliminate 99.97% of particles. This respirator and P100 filter are reusable and can easily be decontaminated in a 5 minute alcohol bath. Therefore, with proper care, this kit will last the user up to 18 months – the time estimated by WHO that it will take a pandemic incident to run its course. An N95 respirator is disposable. It is intended for single use only. You may need at least 4 disposable N95 respirators every day. With an influenza pandemic lasting up to 18 months, that means you may need more than 2,000 N95 masks as compared to only one Sundstrom Respirator Kit.

Each Pandemic Flu Kit includes SR100 half mask respirator, ST510 P100 filters, 80 SR221 prefilters, prefilter holder, cleaning wipe and ID tag.

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Pandemic Flu Respirator Kit

Pandemic Flu Respirator Kit, Size L/XL, Pandemic Flu Respirator Kit, size M/L, Pandemic Flu Respirator Kit, Size S/M


  • High efficiency P100 particle filter. Each filter tested for 99.997% absorption capacity for very small particles such as bacteria and viruses
  • A single respirator and filter can be disinfected and reused over and over again (tested to withstand the equivalent of 4 disinfections a day for 18 months)
  • Very simple disinfection procedures uses an inexpensive alcohol bath
  • Unique inhalation and exhalation valve design provides one half the breathing resistance of competitive respirators. This means easier breathing and greater respirator compliance
  • Silicone respirator is very comfortable and designed to last for years
  • Non-allergic material
  • Superior face seal means a very high protection factor
  • Pre-filter collects coarse particles thereby extending the life of the P100 filter.
  • NIOSH approved
  • Easily fit tested and fit checked



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