ConneXt Pro

ConneXt Pro

Full enterprise solution enabling continuous plant wide monitoring

Increase safety across your entire facility with an integrated, wireless solution designed for enterprise wide application. The ConneXt Pro is ideal for continuous monitoring and detection of toxic gases and radiation across your organization. This end to end networked solution brings together data from personal, portable, area and fixed monitors into a single, shareable interface to give your teams real time awareness of conditions in every part of your plant. This information can also be shared online for collaboration with remote experts and stakeholders.

With this 24/7, plant wide gas detection solution in place, you’re prepared to address a range of routine and emergency situations – from leak detection, confined space entry and fence line monitoring to plant turnaround and emergency response. Built in security protocols enable controlled access to data and functions based on user type. Automated instrument configuration and automated reporting simplify processes and streamline compliance. ConneXt Pro is interoperable with third party monitors and external security systems. When you want to improve plant safety and decrease response times, ConneXt Pro is the comprehensive solution you can count on.


  • Flexible, continuous gas and radiation monitoring facility wide
  • Tracks data from multiple remote sites
  • Up to 2,000 monitoring points available
  • Location tracking
  • Restricts data and application access based on user role
  • Shares integrated data and interfaces online
  • Enables passive viewing on mobile devices


  • Clandestine Labs
  • Confined Space Entry
  • Decontamination
  • Emergency Response
  • Environmental Cleanups/Remediation
  • Exploration
  • Fence Line Monitoring
  • Fracking
  • HazMat Response
  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Leak Detection
  • Plant Shutdown & Turn-around
  • Residential Calls
  • Urban Search & Rescue
  • Venue Protection
  • Worker Exposure