Light Meters

Monitor light levels anywhere with fast, stable and accurate responses with these Light Meters. Results are easily read on the extra large digits. The color and cosine corrected sensor meets CIE photopic spectrum. Each unit includes a soft padded case and shoulder strap, instructions, detachable sensor with cover and 9V battery. 8″ x 2 3/4″ x 1 ¼”, 9 ounces.

The LUX Meter indicates when the battery is low or the reading is over range. Other features include an external zero adjustment, hold function and a tripod back. 0-20,000 LUX range.

The LUX/FC Meter features a bar graph, low battery and over range indicators. Also an RS232 computer output, max-min, auto power off, external zero adjustment, hold function and a tripod back. 0-400,000 LUX & 0-40,000 FC range.

The advanced light meter features all of the LUX/FC model plus a peak function and a unique ability to compensate for the different colors of tungsten, florescent, mercury and sodium lights with the push of a button. The result is a reading true to actual light conditions. 0-400,000 LUX & 0-40,000 FC range.

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Catalog No.
Light Meter LUX
Light Meter LUX, NIST certificate
Light Meter LUX/FC
Light Meter LUX/FC NIST certificate
Advanced Light Meter
Advanced Light Meter, NIST certificate
Water Resistant Instrument Pouch
Field Tripod


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