LED Light Meter with Temperature Compensation



This LED Light Meter compensates for the wide variety of color temperature available in modern LED lighting, unlike standard LED light meters which are calibrated only to a particular color temperature bulb. Choose modes for 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, 4500K, 5000K or 6500K and the meter’s internal calibration is adjusted for that color temperature resulting in equally accurate readings at every color temperature. There is also a mode for standard incandescent lighting. Results appear in LUX or Foot Candle on a large display that indicates when the batteries are low.

For an even more thorough analysis, the meter reads luminous intensity which corrects for distance from the light source. The cosine corrected silicon sensor meets the CIE photopic spectum. This light meter features auto ranging, zero adjustment, Max/Min/Ave, data hold and can store up to 99 manual data points. It comes ready to use with clear instruction, tripod screw, 9V battery, sensor cover  and a hard protective carrying case. A NIST traceable calibration report ins available. 5 x 2/25″ x 1/5, 9 ounces.


Range  LUX: 0 to 400,000
Foot Candle: 0 to 40,000
Resolution  LUX: 0.01 to 100
Foot Candle: 0.01 to 10
Accuracy  ±3% FS for all color temperature, LED light sources and all other standard bulbs

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LED Light Meter with Color Temperature Compensation
LED Light Meter with Color Temperature Compensation and Calibration Report
Water Resistant Instrument Pouch 840090
Field Tripod 840093


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