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The M2 Multi Mold Cassette is a two sided cassette for easier and more efficient use in the field and in the laboratory. The M2 is a disposable air sampling cassette for IAQ sampling and analysis, including home, commercial, inspection and restoration, as well as remediation operations. The M2 operates in accordance with well established fluid air dynamic principles. It uses standard pump and calibration equipment and the collected samples undergo routine laboratory preparation and quantification procedures.

The M2 is a patented two sided sampling cassette for easier and more efficient use in the field and in the laboratory. This is the first cassette to provide sampling options to field personnel.


  • Collect two different samples
  • Collect two identical samples concurrently
  • Collect one sample while using the other side as a control

The M2 cassette is also the very first of its kind for laboratory personnel. It provides one time preparation for two samples, pre printed traverse marks on the collection slide for standardized counting and side by side comparison of the samples under the microscope.

How the M2 Operates

The M2 incorporates standard impact design characteristics including a rectangular air inlet and exit slit. The cassette houses an appropriately positioned collection plate with a laboratory accepted proprietary adhesive media. The cassette operates at an optimal flow rate of 15 LPM for 10 minutes, 5 minutes and 1 minute, depending on the environment, and it can be used with commercially available sampling adapters.

Air particles are deposited onto the adhesive over a rectangular shaped area of approximately 16 square millimeters. The Multi Mold Cassette is a one of a kind, unique collection device.


M2 Multi Mold Cassette datasheet

M2 Multi Mold Field & Laboratory Evaluation datasheet

Multi Mold Concentration Calculation datasheet

Recommended Labs for processing the M2 Multi Mold Cassettes

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