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The HazMat Tube Kit is designed to aid in the initial assessment of potentially hazardous situations. The detector tubes included in the kit have been selected to utilize a systematic sampling matrix. Using the Polytest Tube as a starting point, the sampling matrix provides a systematic test sequence to obtain information about the chemical group to which an unknown substance may belong. The HazMat Kit can also be used for providing quantitative measurement of specific gases and vapors.

Evaluation of test results can be performed on-site, without delay.

Housed in a durable, lightweight case, the HazMat Kit includes the Draeger Accuro Pump with an integrated stroke counter and end of stroke indicator, 3 meter extension hose for testing inaccessible areas and an Air Current Kit for determining wind direction and velocity. Other contents include spare parts for pump maintenance and 17 types of detector tubes. The components fit into a closed-cell foam insert which provides travel protection and organization.

Other sampling strategies may be more appropriate in certain situations, for instance when information on the identity by the chemicals is already known, For these applications the HazMat Kit is also available without detector tubes, enabling the user to customize the kit to address specific needs.

Ordering Information

For pricing, please call AFC International at 1-800-952-3293, 219-987-6825 or fax 219-987-6826 or email sales@afcintl.com.

Catalog No.
Hazmat Kit includes Accuro pump, spare parts kit for the pump, air current kit, tube handbook, tube opener, extension hose, rubber caps, screwdriver, carrying case and tubes listed below
Accuro Pump
Hazmat Kit without Tubes
Hazmat Kit without Tubes and Accuro Pump
Laminated Matrix Card

Spare Tube Ordering Information

Catalog No.
Acetone 100/b, 100-12,000 ppm
Acid Test 8101121
Ammonia 0.25/a, 0.25-3 ppm
Carbon Dioxide 0.1%/a, 0.1-6 Vol %
Carbon Monoxide 10/b, 10-3,000 ppm
Chlorine 0.2/a, 0.2-30 ppm
DT Ethanol 100/a, 100-3,000 ppm
DT Nitrous Fumes 0.2/a, 0.2-30 ppm
Ethyl Acetate 200/a, 200-3,000 ppm
Hydrocarbons 0.1%/c, 0.1-1.3 Vol % 8103571
Hydrocyanic Acid 0.5/a, 0.5-50 ppm
Hydrogen Sulfide 5/b, 5-600 ppm CH29801
Oxygen 5%/C, 5-23 Vol %
Perchloroethylene 2/a, 2-300 ppm
Toluene 5/b, 5-300 ppm
Trichloroethylene 50/a, 50-500 ppm

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