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The Draeger HazMat Simultest Kit is based on the Simultaneous Tube Sets I, II & III. These sets are designed to detect gases evolved as the result of a structural fire and to determine organic chemical families. The HazMat Simultest does not require a complex, confusing matrix card used to determine what gases and vapors are present. Each test takes a total of one minute or less to conclude, therefore, the complete testing time for ten gases and five organic chemical families is less than five minutes.

The Draeger HazMat Simultest Kit includes the Accuro bellows pump, air current kit, 1 meter extension hose with adapter, 3 each of Simultaneous Test Sets I, 3 each of Simultaneous Test Set II & 4 each of Simultaneous Test Set III, Accuro spare parts kit, simultaneous test set opener and laminated instruction cards that have full color graphics making interpretation of the tubes quick and easy. A rugged Pelican carrying case protect the kit contents.

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Catalog No.
HazMat Simultest Kit
HazMat Simultest Kit without Accuro Pump
Simultest Extension Hose, includes 1M hose, adapter & opener
Simultest Set Opener
Laminated Instruction Card for Set I & II
Laminated Instruction Card for Set III
Tube Warmer
Hazmat Simultest Training CD

Spare Tube Ordering Information

Catalog No.
Simultaneous Test Set I, Inorganic fumes includes Acid Gases, e.g. Hydrochloric Acid, Basic Gases, e.g. Ammonia, Carbon Monoxide, Hydrocyanic Acid and Nitrous Gases, e.g. Nitrogen Dioxide
Simultaneous Test Set II, Inorganic fumes includes Phosphine, Chlorine, Hydrogen Sulfide, Phosgene and Sulfur Dioxide
Simultaneous Test Set III, Organic Vapors includes Alcohols, e.g. Methanol, Aliphatic Hydrocarbons, e.g. n-Hexane, Aromatics, e.g. Toluene, Chlorinated Hydrocarbons, e.g. Perchloroethylene and Ketones, e.g. Acetone

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