Toluene Quick Check Vials, pk/12


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Ships from manufacturer, shipping times may vary.

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Toluene Quick Check Vials for the QC-50 Calibration Gas System.

The QC-50 Calibration Gas QuickCheck System utilizes revolutionary technology allowing a functional check (or Bump Test) as needed or required by law. The unique QuickCheck Vials (QCV) utilize a stable, safe and reliable delivery method allowing ease of shipment, storage and use. The QC-50 is currently available for ammonia, hexane, hydrogen chloride and toluene.

The QCV used in the QC-50 are small, disposable vials with a small amount of the gas to be tested in liquid form in a sealed inner ampule. Breaking the inner ampule allows the liquid to absorb into a filter which then diffuses out the gas. Simply squeezing the hand aspirated bulb will allow a test concentration of gas to flow by the gas detector, verifying its operation. The QVC contains such a small amount of chemical it is non-hazardous for shipping, storage and disposal. And since the vials are sealed they have a very long shelf life compared to many other bump test methods.


  • Simple to use
  • No batteries
  • Economical
  • Compact design
  • Non-hazardous shipping
  • Rugged design


Useful Vial Life Up to 8 hours of use
Vial Warranty 1 year
Operating Temperature Nominal @ 20ºC
Relative Humidity 0-100%
Dimensions (QC-50) 18cm x 5 cm
Dimensions (QCV) 1.1 cm x 3.4 cm
Weight (QC-50) 2.5 ounces
Weight (QCV) .14 ounces

Please Note: Vial concentration is approximate and is based upon a freshly opened vial at 70°F and ¼ LPM air flow. Refer to the manual for information on the approximate concentrations at differing temperatures and flow rates. Vial concentration is also depleted with use. Refer to the manual for information on the effect of use on vial concentration.

Before use verify that the filters in vial are blue. If the filters are white the vial no longer contains ammonia. If you suspect a vial has leaked or has an improper seal, Do Not Remove the foil cover. Warranty is voided as soon as the protective cover is removed or broken. Return the vial to ACD for evaluation and potential warranty replacement.

The QuickCheck Series of instruments and vials are not intended to be used for actual calibration of gas detection equipment. The QuickCheck is designed to give a simple test of instrument functionality with the gas type being monitored.


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Quick Check Vials
Toluene Quick Check Vials, pk/12