Sundstrom Respirator Storage Boxes

Three versions of the Sundstrom Respirator Storage Boxes are available. The SR344 is intended for storage of larger respirators such as the SR200 Full Face mask. This container is large enough to store the mask, plus filters and accessories. The cover is held in place by two clamps. The SR344 is made of polypropylene. The SR230 accommodates a half mask plus filters. The box is triangular in shape and has a cover that is secured to the box. It is equipped with both shoulder straps and a holder for securing to the user’s belt. A bar code name tag is attached to the box. The SR230 is make of polypropylene. The SR330 is a durable and pliable nylon material and can be carried on the user’s belt. it is designed to protect half masks against dirt and water. The cover is secured by Velcro.

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Catalog No.
SR344 Full Face Mask Storage Box
SR230 Rigid Half Mask Storage Box
SR339 Nylon Half Mask Storage Box


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