Series A24 Puffer Bump Test Gas Generator from ATI


The A24 Puffer is a portable, battery operated instrument containing a gas generator and simple hand pump that provides the puff of air needed for sensor response checks.

Many safety programs require response testing of the portable detectors used for personal monitoring, prior to use. Fixed detectors must also be tested to ensure they remain sensitive to the target gas.

Regulator “puff tests” can provide a quick check of sensor response. These involve briefly exposing the gas sensors to a puff of air containing a small amount of the target gas. This is often done quite effectively using cylinder gas from calibration cylinders. However, the high cost of the cylinder gas can make this test fairly expensive. What’s more, compressed gas cylinder can be difficult to transport, creating possible supply problems for users.

For puff testing diffusion gas detectors, the Puffer includes a short outlet tube. Gas is ejected from the generator by pressing the bladder on the front of the unit. For testing detectors with internal sampling pumps, a plug on the unit is removed so that the sampling pump can pull air through the generator cell for delivery to the detector.

Puffers are water resistant for use in any environment and are designed to intrinsic safety standards. Generator cells provide hundreds of tests, with an LED to indicate the remaining life of the generator cell. Generator cells are easily changed and the life indicator can be reset when a new generator is installed.

Puffer units are available for testing the following gas sensors:

  • Chlorine
  • Hydrogen Sulfide
  • Ammonia


Power 9 VDC Alkaline battery
Generator Electrochemical
Generator Life 1000 Cycles for Chlorine, 350 cycles for other gases
Pump Manual bladder
Display Single digit LED
Outlet Tube 6″ polyethylene
Enclosure Nema 4X, IP-66
Size 4.7″ x 3.2″ x 2.4″
Weight 0.7 pounds

Ordering Information

For pricing, please call AFC International at 1-800-952-3293, 219-987-6825 or fax 219-987-6826 or email Each Puffer bump test generator is supplied with a specific gas generator cell factory installed. Spare generator cells may be ordered separately. Spare generators should be stored in a refrigerator in the sealed container in which they are shipped.

Catalog No.
Puffer for Chlorine
Chlorine Generator Cell
Puffer for Hydrogen Sulfide
Hydrogen Sulfide Generator Cell
Puffer for Ammonia
Ammonia Generator Cell


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