Plastic COM-PAX-IAL AC Blower

The 9533 COM-PAX-IAL AC Blower Series Blowers you have come to love and rely on just got better! The already industry leading compact design is now even more compact. These blowers have been shortened from 32″ to 26″ while decreasing the weight by 8 pounds. The Axial an easy to use complete ventilation system. It includes all the most asked for equipment you need for your confined space site.

Allegro has a blower app available from the App store.

This versatile system features the 8″ COM-PAX-IAL blower with canister and your choice of 15′ or 25′ of ducting. This lightweight unit is designed with the quick connect clipping system which allows workers to attach the canister, tools free, to the input side for powerful extraction or output side for ventilation. The 15′ or 25′ ducting stores conveniently within the canister. Special design features include blower and canister built in carry handles, built in on/off switch and safety orange coloration.


  • Shortest & lightest canister with ducting on the market
  • Shortened canister still holds 15′ or 25′ of ducting
  • Made from single-ply, PVC coated vinyl and polyester materials
  • Temperature resistant up to 180°F
  • Class 1 hard drawn spring steel wire helix that meets ASTM 227 specs


AC Blower
DC Blower
Free Air 831 CFM 816 CFM
One 90° Bend 709 CFM 526 CFM
Two 90° Bends 586 CFM 442 CFM
Weight with 15′ Ducting 25 lbs 33 lbs
HP 1/3 ¼
Power 3A/115V AC 25A/12V DC

Ordering Information

For pricing, please call AFC International at 1-800-952-3293, 219-987-6825 or fax 219-987-6826 or email

Catalog No.
AC COM-PAX-IAL Blower with 15′ Ducting 9533-15
AC COM-PAX-IAL Blower with 25′ Ducting 9533-25
DC COM-PAX-IAL Blower with 15′ Ducting 9536-15
DC COM-PAX-IAL Blower with 25′ Ducting 9536-25


AC Com Pax Ial Blower

DC Com-Pax-Ial Plastic Blower

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