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P100 Cartridges for Sundstrom Respirators, each


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Sundstrom offers a complete line of particulate and chemical cartridges for their full face and half face respirators. For multiple hazards the cartridges can be snapped together. The P100 particulate filter should always be placed in front of the chemical cartridges.

The P100 particulate filter is a mechanical filter that protects against all types of particles including dust, fumes, fog, spray, asbestos and even bacteria, viruses and radioactive dust. The filter separates 99.997% of the pollution in the air. That means that the air is 33,000 cleaner on the backside of the filter media than in the front. (The standard requires air 3.333 times cleaner.) A new feature is the increase of the filer area to 201 square inches. it provides the filter with extremely low breathing resistance and extended usage time.


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