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KWIK DRAW Amines, 5-30 ppm, n-Butyl Amine, 2-28 ppm, t-Butyl Amine, 2-14 ppm, Cyclohexyamine, 7-38 ppm, Diethl Amine, 3-27 ppm, Dimethyl Amine, 3-27 ppm, Ethyl Amine, 5-55 ppm, Ethylene Diamine, 5-27 ppm, Isopropyl Amine, 5-30 ppm, Isobutyl Amine, 3-36 ppm Detector Tubes




KWIK DRAW Amines, n-Butyl Amine, t-Butyl Amines, Cyclohexyamine, Diethl Amine, Dimethyl Amine, Ethyl Amine, Ethylene Diamine, Isopropyl Amine, Isobutyl Amine Detector Tubes

  • Range: 5 – 30 ppm with 1 pump stroke
  • 10 per box
  • 24-month shelf life
  • No Interferences From: Hydrogen, methane, ethane, propane, carbon monoxide, Carbon dioxide up to 1 Vol. %, Nitrogen dioxide, hydrogen sulfide up to 50 ppm. 
  • Interferences: Ammonia and other alkaline gases and vapors (e.g. hydrazine) will be indicated. The sensitivity of indication is different. Strong acid gases (e.g. sulfur dioxide, hydrogen chloride) are not indicated but will decrease stain length of triethylamine indication even when concentrations correspond to measuring range of detector tube.

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