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KWIK DRAW n-Butyl Mercaptan, 1.5-15 ppm, t-Butyl Mercaptan, 0.8-5 ppm, Ethyl Mercaptan 0.5-80 ppm, Isopropyl Mercaptan 0.5-5.5 ppm, Mercaptans 0.5-100 ppm, Methyl Mercapan 0.5-5 ppm, n-Propyl Mercaptan, 0.7-8 ppm Detector Tubes, 10 per box, 24 month shelf life




KWIK DRAW n-Butyl Mercaptan, t-Butyl Mercaptan, Ethyl Mercaptan, Isopropyl Mercaptan, Mercaptans, Methyl Mercaptan, n-Propyl Mercaptan Detector Tubes

  • Range: 10 – 100 ppm with 1 pump stroke
  • Range: 0.2 – 5 ppm with 10 pump strokes
  • 10 per box
  • 24 month shelf life
  • No Interferences From: hydrogen, methane, ethane, propane, carbon dioxide, higher saturated hydrocarbons (e. g. butanes, hexanes), olefinic hydrocarbons (e. g. ethylene), aromatic hydrocarbons (e. g. benzene), carbon monoxide, thioethers (e.g. dimethyl sulfide, tetrahydrothiophene), carbon disulfide up to 1000 ppm (n=15), hydrogen sulfide up to 80 ppm (n=15). Hydrogen sulfide discolors the protective layer from white to brown. Do not use detector tube if protective layer has totally changed color.

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