Gastec Short Term Detector Tubes: A

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Whether for a routine inspection or a HazMat emergency, you can count on Gastec’s complete line of Gastec Detector Tubes to precisely measure gases and vapors for over 600 applications. A tube should be selected to detect each suspected chemical. Simply locate the contaminant listed alphabetically in the table below. Select the Gastec Tube listed according to the chemical hazard to be tested and the measuring range. Order the tube by the part number that appears to the right.


Gases and Vapors
Gastec Tube
Measuring Range
Catalog No.
Acetaldehyde Acetaldehyde
5-750 ppm
Acetaldehyde 2.5-100 ppm 92M
Acetaldehyde 1-20 ppm 92L
Acetic Acid Acetic Acid SEI 1-100 ppm 81
Acetic Acid 0.125-25 ppm 81L
Acetic Acid 1-80 ppm 80
Acetic Anhydride Acetic Acid 0.6-15 ppm 81
Acetic Acid 0.15-6 ppm 81L
Acetone Acetone 0.05-2% 151
Acetone SEI 50-12,000 ppm 151L
Acetone Cyanohydrin Hydrogen Cyanide 2.88-69 ppm 12L
Acetonitrile Nitro Compounds (Pyrotec tube) 3-180 ppm 52
Acetylene Acetylene 0.05%-5% 171
Hydrocarbons (Lower Class) 0.075-3.6% 103
Ethylene 32.5-1040 ppm 172
Acid Gases Acid Gases 1-80 ppm 80
Acrolein Acrolein 3.3-800 ppm 93
Acrylic Acid Acetic Acid SEI 2-50 ppm 81
Acetic Acid 0.45-18 ppm 81L
Aliphatic Hydrocarbons Acrylonitrile 2-360 ppm 191
Acrylonitrile 0.1-18 ppm 191L
n-Hexane 0.06-1.44% 102L
Aliphatic Hydrocarbons Aliphatic Hydrocarbons 6-3,000 ppm 140
Allyl Amine Amines 8.5-170 ppm 180
Amines 0.4-8 ppm 180L
Allyl Chloride Gasoline 0.1-3.5% 101L
Vinyl Chloride 3.2-48 ppm 131L
Allyl Isothiocyanate Methyl Methacrylate 5-200 ppm 149
alpha-Pinene Benzene 95-1,140 ppm 121
Tetrahydrofuran 7-135 ppm 159
Amines Amines 5-100 ppm 180
Amines 0.5-10 ppm 180L
Ammonia Ammonia 0.2-32% 3H
Ammonia 0.05-3.52% 3HM
Ammonia 10-1,000 ppm 3M
Ammonia SEI 2.5-200 ppm 3LA
Ammonia 0.5-78 ppm 3L
Amines 1.5-30 ppm 180
Amyl Acetate Amyl Acetate 10-200 ppm 147
Aniline Aniline 1.25-60 ppm 181
Aromatic Hydrocarbons Aromatic Hydrocarbons 0.4-200 ppm 120
Arsine Arsine 0.04-10 ppm 19LA

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