CAL 2000LT Calibration Gas Generator, 1 LPM includes nylon carrying bag, batteries, hose and instructions, source purchased separately


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CAL 2000LT Calibration Gas Generator generating cells are rated at 10 or 25 hours and are available for chlorine, hydrogen, hydrogen cyanide and hydrogen sulfide. A gas concentration must be specified when ordering generating cells over a range of 1 to 25ppm in whole ppm increments. To change gas type or concentration simply insert a different cell into the instrument.

The CAL 2000 LT is microprocessor controlled and has an LCD display allowing easy user access to information such as cell life remaining, battery status, gas concentration and flow rate. The generating cells are interchangeable and field replaceable and come with a one year warranty.

The CAL 2000 LT gas generator has a built in mass flow sensor that automatically compensates for altitude and temperature. Both the CAL 2000 LT instrument and the gas generating cells are NIST certified ± 10% accurate for one year. Instruments and cells can be recertified at the factory. Best of all, when you are ready for more options or longer life cells, the CAL 2000 LT can be easily upgraded to the CAL 2000.


  • Non-hazardous shipping
  • Built in mass flow sensor
  • Automatic purge on shut down
  • Upgradeable to Cal 2000
  • Alkaline battery powered
  • Interchangeable calibration gases
  • NIST traceable certificate for Cal 2000 LT
  • CSA NrTL/C EXIA T-6 approved intrinsically safe with CE mark
  • ATEX II3G EEx nL IIB T4 approved


Hydrogen Sulfide
1-25 ppm
1-25 ppm
Hydrogen Cyanide
1-25 ppm
1-25 ppm
Air Flow Rate, with internal pump
Useful Cell Life
10 or 25 hours
Warm up Time to 90%
About 5 minutes
Operating Temperature
0 to 50°C
Relative Humidity
Battery Power
4 Alkaline C cells
Battery Life
10 hours at 0.5 LPM
8.5″ x 4.25″ x 3″
Weight 3 pounds
Approvals CSA NRTL/C Exia T6


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Weight 3 lbs

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