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Ammonia SafeAir Colorimetric Badge, pk/50

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The Ammonia SafeAir colorimetric badge is a monitoring system designed to indicate the presence of ammonia at concentrations below the permissible exposure limit. The SafeAir ammonia badge detects the presence of ammonia by forming a color change in the shape of an exclamation mark inside the triangle. This indication is produced by a color-forming reaction that occurs when ammonia reacts with a flat indicator layer.

Ammonia is a colorless gas with a sharp, irritating odor. It is a typical respiratory and eye irritant. Depending on the concentration, it may cause burning sensations, coughing, wheezing, headaches and conjunctivitis. High exposures cause caustic skin burns, eye swelling with possible loss of vision, shortness of breath and nausea. Ammonia causes chemical pneumonitis (deep lung inflammation) and pulmonary edema (abnormal fluid buildup in the lungs). OSHA PEL (permissible exposure limit) for ammonia is 50 ppm (TWA). NIOSH REL (recommended exposure limit) for ammonia is 25 ppm (TWA).

Ammonia is a commonly used chemical. As a product of normal biodegradation of bio products, it is spread as a pollutant in poultry plants and animal farms. Ammonia is used in the production of nitric acid, ammonia salts, fertilizers, leather, cooling and freezing systems, cleaning liquids, etc.

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